Break Free From Traditional Medicine

Streamline Healthcare offers methods to improve your body’s function

If you love holistic healing methods, you may be curious as to what other services Dr. Dimalanta can provide. In addition to acupuncture, our office offers the following holistic techniques:
• Chiropractic services: Improve your general health through stimulation of the musculoskeletal system.
• Neuro-emotional technique: Recover your physical condition with this mind-body form of treatment.
• Nutritional response technique: Determine what dietetic supplements you need to balance out your bodily functions.
• Contact reflex analysis: Balance your body’s energy so proper healing can occur.
• Advanced Allergy Therapeutics: Relieve the symptoms of allergies without traditional medicine.

Just about anyone can benefit from one or more of the above treatments. If you’re in Cedar Rapids, IA and want to feel better, call us today.

Regain a sense of balance with nontraditional medicine

If you’re like many modern Americans, this may sound familiar: You’re taking a painkiller for your back, another medicine to keep you focused and probably a third to help you sleep at night. The side effects of these medicines combine to give you bowel issues, so you take another medicine for that.

Traditional medicine is a vicious cycle. Put an end to all the prescriptions by relying on nontraditional medicine. If you’re interested in our holistic services, schedule a consultation today. You have nothing to lose (except for all those pill bottles).